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Elephant attack: Italian tourist trampled to death by elephant - TomoNews

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NAIROBI, KENYA — A 66-year-old Italian tourist in Kenya was trampled to death by an elephant this weekend when he moved in too close to get a better photo.

The tourist has been identified as Ferdinando Mocciola by local police. He was staying at the Swara camp with his wife and a group of friends, Kenya’s Capital News reports.

On Sunday morning, Mocciola saw an elephant approach a watering hole near the Sabaki River and went to take photos, against the wishes of his wife.

Mocciola took pictures of the animals and nature but somehow unintentionally angered one of the elephants. The enraged elephant charged towards Mocciola and trampled him to death.

Malindi Police Chief Muchangi Mutava said Mocciola may have made the elephants feel threatened, provoking one to charge him. He died at the camp while waiting to be airlifted to a hospital, Capital News reported.

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